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Profit vs Cash

There’s a massive difference between Profit and Cash. Let’s explore the differences to make a better plan to increase both. 1. Sales: Profit increases when you increase sales; cash increases when you collect the money from customers. To increase both your profit and cash from sales: Delight your customers Generate more leads and referrals Convert

5 Steps to Make Income Tax Easier

The end-of-financial-year period isn’t really a time most people relish, but it does offer an excellent opportunity to review your finances and possibly free up funds for more important and enjoyable pursuits. Below we’ll show you, in five easy steps, how to streamline the income tax return process and possibly free up funds for the

ATO “puts the brakes” on dodgy car claims

The ATO is making work-related car expenses a key focus again during Tax Time 2019. Assistant Commissioner Karen Foat said over 3.6 million people made a work-related car expense claim in 2017/18, totalling more than $7.2 billion. “We are still concerned that some taxpayers aren’t getting the message that over-claiming will be detected and if

Employee Payment Summaries Are Due For The Last Time

Once you start reporting under Single Touch Payroll, you will no longer be required to issue a Payment Summary. Your final payment summary to employees is due 14th July. After this date your employees can access their income statement through the ATO via myGov. This is what you will need: Payroll Checklist ·        Make sure you

Are You Self Employed? Keep Your Tax And Expenses In Check

Contracting or freelancing requires you to wear a lot of hats. Relationship-building, keeping track of your time, marketing your skills and actually doing the work. But one of your priorities should also be establishing how you handle your money and setting the groundwork for good habits. Understand your deductions Before you start, it’s essential to

Is Your Business Ready For Single Touch Payroll?

Are you ready for Single Touch Payroll? For employers with 19 or fewer employees, single touch payroll (STP) legislation comes into effect today. Are you ready? What is Single Touch Payroll and what do the changes mean for your business and who does it affect? What will you need to do to prepare, so that

Prepare for EOFY with Single Touch Payroll

If you are already reporting Single Touch Payroll (STP) to the ATO, there is a different process for issuing payment summaries from now on. Employers must provide payment summaries to employees by 14 July. In the STP reporting system, employers must make a finalisation declaration by this date, in order that the employee’s information will

Three Hot Tips to Boost Your Super before June 30

June 30 brings a lot of deadlines with the end of financial year. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything you can do to boost your super before we are hit with the end of the month. The best thing about super is the little extra effort you put in today will make a

Are you ready for a TAX-education? – Tax File Number Declaration Form

I have completed 3 consecutive tax seasons now and some of my most frequently asked questions revolved around what my clients filled out when they put in their Tax File Number Declaration with their employer. The humble Tax file Number declaration form, it holds so many mysteries for our taxpayers. Well 2 really, Q8 and

Budget Changes to the Instant Asset Write-off

With the Federal election in our mist and the war on budgets plastered all over the media you have probably heard a lot about the instant asset write-off changes. Finally the Treasury Laws Amendment (Increasing the Instant Asset Write-Off for Small Business Entities) Bill 2019 has officially been passed by the Senate, House of Representatives

Notice: Businesses who Advertise as “Cash Only”

Businesses that advertise as “cash only” can expect a visit from the taxation office in the upcoming financial year. Peter Holt, the ATO’s Commissioner Assistant has stated that in the 2019/20 financial year, the ATO will be visiting a further 10,000 small businesses nationwide.  The taxation office will be targeting their efforts towards businesses who

Jump On Board: Payroll Changes Impact ALL Employers.

Legislation recently passed requires ALL EMPLOYERS, big or small, to send a report to the ATO after every pay run, starting 1 July. No more paper ledgers or using Excel spreadsheets to print payslips. And gone will be the days of payroll advice via fax or hard copy mail.   What actually is Single Touch

Why Businesses Fail: and You Won’t

The demise of several high-profile Retail brands to go insolvent in Australia in the last 12 months is significant – and if it has taught us anything – you can’t stand still.  The most common reasons business fail: Inadequate cash flow or high cash use Poor strategic management Poor financial control, including lack of records

Are You Paying Too Much in Super Fees?

Are You Paying Too Much in Super Fees?

Most Australians are pretty ambivalent when it comes to to taking proactive action about managing their Superannuation. Did you know? Australians are paying $2.6 billion extra a year because of the number of individuals who have multiple Superannuation funds – doubling the cost they are paying in fees and insurance Around 2.5m people have two or more Super funds;

Throwing a Staff Christmas Party??

Throwing a Staff Christmas Party??

With the well earned December/January holiday season upon us, many of you will be planning to reward staff with a celebratory party or event.  However, there are important issues to consider, including  the possible FBT and income tax implications of providing ‘entertainment’ (including Christmas parties) to your staff and clients. Rewarding staff at this time

6 Reasons to Do Your Retirement Planning Now

6 Reasons to Do Your Retirement Planning Now

Recently, our Partner Sam Young sat down with Maria Paterakis to talk about the importance of Financial Planning for Retirement. The SIX things everyone needs to know about their retirement planning: 1.Don’t delay. People come to see Financial Planner’s when it’s usually too late, into their 50’s and 60’s. The best time to plan for

Did You Miss the Tax Lodgement Deadline?

Did You Miss the Tax Lodgement Deadline?

Yesterday was the last day self-preparers could get their 2017/18 tax lodgement in before the October 31 tax deadline. Here is what you should know if you missed the cut off:   What Should I Do Now? If you missed out get in touch with us today and we can help you complete your tax

Case Study: Superannuation Consolidation

Case Study: Superannuation Consolidation

We recently had a young, 32-year old single male come to see us about superannuation consolidation. He came to us as he had accrued five different super funds over time as a result of switching jobs and working for different companies during his career. He wanted to consolidate his super, but wasn’t sure which investment option

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