Property Investment

Property is an integral part of many people’s personal wealth and retirement plans.

Our sole focus is to help you achieve your personal and financial goals

Our Solutions

Simmons Livingstone & Associates can help you identify potential opportunities to help you purchase your first property, all the way through to helping you build a property portfolio. We work closely with a network of real estate agents, property managers and developers to help our clients select investments that are specific to their needs (whether this be for personal or investment use).

By working closely with our clients all the way through the entire process our goal is to act as quickly and as stress free as possible to connect home buyers and investors with properties that meet their current and future needs. We are happy to help negotiate on your behalf and liaise with agents or developers on both residential and commercial property transactions.


For any property purchase it is important to have the ability to assess your options and have a grasp on the entire situation so that you are in the best place possible to make an informed decision. No regrets, no mistakes. Our team includes qualified and licensed Accountants, Financial Planners, Solicitors, Finance and Insurance Brokers each with a wealth of experience.

Owning your own home in our country is sometimes referred to as ‘The Great Australian Dream’. Ensure that your dream does not become a nightmare, by doing your due diligence alongside an experienced professional before your next purchase.


  • Give you an idea of potential cash flows, expenses, taxes that need to be considered.
  • Provide you with options and provide clarity around the different pros and cons of certain areas, structures and markets.
  • Provide education and strategies around maximising your returns and structuring your finances in a way to give you the ability to continue building a property investment portfolio.

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