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What is Single Touch Payroll?

Single Touch Payroll is a Government initiative aimed at cutting red tape and improving the visibility of reporting of the wages and salary, PAYG withholding and Superannuation by employers.

Single Touch Payroll will be compulsory for ALL employers from 1 July 2019 (regardless of size).

The move to Single Touch Payroll sets a new standard for reporting. You may be familiar with filling in forms at the end of month, quarter or year. With these changes you’ll be required to report your payroll in real time direct to ATO. 

Your Current Payroll System:

Your current payroll system might be a combination of cashbook, spreadsheets and paper files. Your wages are calculated and reported on manually.  In some instances staff may or may not get a payslip. 


Stored in files


Manually calculated

Your Future Payroll System:

As of July 1 2019, all employers will be required to use a cloud-based payroll system to report to the ATO. 

Cloud Based Payroll Software

Real time payroll information will be sent direct to ATO from you at the time your payroll is run.

How Will It Work:

Single Touch Payroll software will automatically extract information from your payroll system, at the same time your payroll is run, and pass it to the ATO.

You will be required to use Single Touch Payroll compliant software as part of your payroll run. 

1. You Run Your Payroll

You run your payroll internally as per your normal payroll frequency. This information will be managed within your new payroll software

2. Approve

When you run your payroll, someone within the company will approve the information as being accurate.

3. Automatic Upload

Your payroll information will automatically be uploaded to the ATO's systems.

4. Reporting

The ATO will be able to monitor in real-time employer remittances as well as make this information avaibale to employees via myGov.

What Are The Benefits:

Single Touch Payroll will bring about more efficiency within your business.  No more cashbooks or manual calculations.

Making your payroll easier to manage and automated. 

  • Removal of the need to issue annual payment summaries.
  • Removal to lodge payment summary annual report.
  • Automatic completion of Labels W1 in BAS.
  • Streamlining of employee documentation
  • New employees can complete TFN and Super Choice forms online

streamlined systems

Using cloud based systems reducing the chances of information being lost.

better for employees

They'll be able to access up to date payroll information via their myGov login.

automate repeating tasks

Remove duplication and extra reporting to the ATO and doubling handling of data.

stored in the cloud

Data is stored in secure environment in large servers offsite. Data can be stored and shared in real time.

Get compliant today:

Not sure how to do it?

Don’t want to do it?

Below are OUR personalised solutions to get you STP compliant. With our team of over 30 professionals we will have a solution that suits you. 

STP Compliant

  • cloud based software
  • Set up STP
  • Review current payroll
  • Support


  • STP Set Up
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • 2018/19 Tax Planning
  • Extended Support

Premium Accounting

  • Tax Planning and Financials 2018/19
  • Bookkeeping
  • Free Financial Assessment
  • On-going Support

Frequently asked questions

Single Touch Payroll has been in play for business with 20+ employers since last year. This is an extension of that to cover all employees. 

If not already, you’ll need to get set up with a cloud-based solution to manage your payroll. This is a major opportunity to move away from spreadsheets, written notes and paper-based systems.

You need to get yourself set up with STP compliant software. Here is a list of options from the ATO. Alternatively you can get in touch with us. 

All businesses that have at least 1 employee. 

While the ATO has said they will be lenient in the first 3 months of implementation, at some point ALL businesses will need to be compliant. If you don’t want to learn a new payroll system or not sure how to go about it – get in touch with us. 

The ATO has negotiated to ensure that software providers offer affordable solutions starting at just $10 a month. 


To find out more you can read our blog here.

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