Protecting Your Identity Amidst Rising Threats

Protecting Your Identity Amidst Rising Threats

In recent times, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been grappling with a surge in identity theft cases that are affecting unwitting victims. These individuals have found their personal information misused to generate fraudulent GST refunds and even lodging false income tax returns to obtain a tax refund.

Reports have emerged of individuals offering to buy and sell myGov account details with the nefarious aim of accessing these refunds. Within the accounting community, there’s a growing concern around the ATO’s current struggle to cope with the repercussions of this widespread identity theft issue.

To safeguard your identity and financial security, it’s crucial to stay vigilant. Keep a close eye on your myGov account for any unusual or unauthorised activity. If you spot anything suspicious or have any queries regarding genuine ATO contact, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Identity theft is serious and early detection is key to mitigating potential damage. 

The ATO recommend the following support numbers to obtain guidance and advice, if necessary:

ID Care 1800 595 170

Cybersecurity Centre 1300 292 371 (advice to help you be more secure online)


At SLA, we’re here to help you navigate these challenges and protect your financial well-being.

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