New Reporting Guidelines for Sporting Clubs

New Reporting Guidelines for Sporting Clubs

Lately, there have been significant updates to the reporting requirements affecting not-for-profit organisations (NFPs), especially those linked to sports clubs, societies and associations with an active Australian Business Number (ABN). These changes highlight the crucial need for compliance, to ensure these entities retain their income tax exemption status.

For sporting clubs, the main focus should be promoting the development of a game, sport or animal racing. Any additional purposes of the organisation must be secondary, ancillary or incidental to this primary objective. The governing documents, like constitutions, play a crucial role in establishing this purpose and all activities undertaken during the fiscal year must align with encouraging the designated game, sport or animal racing.

Starting from the 2024 income year, NFP organisations must follow a revised schedule for submitting their annual NFP self-review return. The submission window for these returns is from July 1st to October 31st, 2024. This self-review is a vital step for organisations, to showcase their commitment to the specified purpose and maintain their tax-exempt status.

It’s essential to understand that even if an NFP organisation is part of a larger sporting group and has its own ABN, it must independently complete the NFP self-review return. This underscores the individual responsibility each entity has in ensuring compliance with the updated reporting requirements.

Failing to submit the NFP self-review return within the set time frame can have severe consequences. Non-compliance might make the organisation ineligible for income tax exemption and penalties may be imposed.

Sporting clubs and related NFPs need to proactively grasp and fulfil these new reporting obligations to protect their financial standing and uphold their commitment to the broader community, through the promotion of sports and recreational activities.

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