Do You Know Your Money Personality?

A recent study conducted by the Leeds University Union has identified that there are four key money personality types that people can be classed into in regards to how they manage their money. Take a moment to read through the four descriptions below and map out which personality you fit best into. Each personality described has key attributes and flaws, lets learn to understand ourselves so that we can better understand our money!

Mr Habitual

You stick to strict budgeting and you’d rather keep safe the money you have than risk losing some money to earn more in the long run. Your key attributes include

– you avoid high risk investments;
– you never impulse buy and keep to a tight budget; and
– if you have a financial issue, you’ll seek professional support.

Mr Habitual could improve his relationship with money by focusing on the positive financial outcomes more so than the negatives and being more open to new strategies.

Miss Perfection

You’re proud of your flawless financial record and you’ve planned out every aspect of your financial future, but even when you’re not in trouble money can cause you to feel stressed. Your key attributes include

– you probably know your credit score;
– you never pay your bills late; and
– you shop around for the best rates and deals.

Miss Perfect could stress less, look at her finances from the bigger picture and shouldn’t be afraid to try new thing.

Ms Adventurous

You track your income, pay your bills and have a loose budget schedule in mind, but you’re not too interested in financial planning. Your key attributes include

– you make risky choices in your career and finances moves;
– you can get carried away by new experiences and easily overspend; and
– you remain calm when working through a financial issue.

Ms Adventurous is creative and should use these traits to build stable financial future plans. Create an emergency fund and try not to be so spontaneous when you spend.

Mr Hedonist

You have money to spend and yo’re enthusiastic about doing so. You’re impulsive and trust others to manage your budget, you also sometimes over pay for things. Your key attributes are;

– you allow your emotions to control your spending and sometimes binge shop;
– you don’t focus on the long term effects of your spending habits; and
– you’re not afraid of taking big risks with money as you focus on the potential rewards.

Mr Hedonist should start a savings habit for some financial security, shop around in an attempt to save money and try to build long term goals.



So how do you fit? Maybe you see yourself as one of these personalities, or perhaps you’re a mixture of a few or all of them. No matter which attributes you share, financial planning plays a vital role in each personality type.

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