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At Simmons Livingstone, we offer a holistic approach to our client’s financial well being. Making the right financial decisions when moving into an Aged Care facility is critical. We work with our clients and their families to provide the right level of support and expertise.


Trusted Financial Advice when you need it most

Our Support

We specialise in the application of Aged Care government regulations, as well as understanding what’s important to our clients and the challenges faced by them at this time on their life.

We use our expertise to help our clients create effective advice solutions so you can make an informed choice about their Aged Care options and how best to fund it.

We Provide:

There are many ways to fund a move into an Aged Care facility and we work methodically with our client and their loved ones as to the best course of action based on their wishes and financial situation.

  • Peace of mind and a clear roadmap
  • Information to help with the decision-making process
  • Inclusion of the whole family to make a decision together
  • Clarity of Government requirements and regulations
  • Tailored advice

Frequently Asked Questions

How to select the right adviser?

Its critical you choose an Adviser that is qualified in Aged Care Financial Planning. This mean you are getting advice from someone who has taken the time to educate themselves about the specific needs of the Aged Care sector.

It’s important you choose an Adviser that is experienced, but also sensitive to the wishes of you and your family.

Moving into Aged Care presnets many options and a good Adviser would work through all those options ith you.

What funding does the Government provide?

As we are an aging population, the Government is constantly looking at its funding model for Aged Care. Improvements in medical technology means we are living longer and have more productive retirements.

The Government is responding to these changes by funding more home care packages. However, sometimes residential care is more appropriate.

Speaking with an Adviser means we can work out what is best for you financially regardless of your needs and desires.

Why seek financial advice?

We can help you see the wood from the trees. Going into Aged Care is an emotional time. Having professional advice can ease the burden on families and decision makers.

Seeking advice will give you more confidence and assurance you’re making the right decisions.

Financial Planning in Aged Care doesn’t just include the initial cost but also the on-going management of cost of living that is required.

Why is it better to seek advice from and Aged Care expert?

Aged Care is becoming increasingly important, especailly as a niche area of advice. There are many areas of Government regualtion and funding that need to be considered and understood.

Reforms in recent years has seen an increase in complexity.

Australians are living longer, and with greater wealth, meaning expert advice is critical at this point in your life-stage.

Guidance and Support at Every Step:

Our team will provide you with local and trusted advice, helping to provide full range of options and support during a significant financial decision.

We are accredited with Aged Care Steps as Accredited Aged Care Professionals.

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